Friday, November 11, 2005

Rustle in the Leaves

Its been awhile since I've updated, haven't had time to go out and watch.

Tonight, I was able to. I went out about 12:15, Midnite's room light was on, I went around the corner, and saw her in the living room, and going to her room. I waited to see her, I could see she was taking her shirt off, but I couldn't see anything. There was something blocking the window.

I couldn't see Fitness, but the girl next to them, her bedroom light was on, but she wasn't in there. I went between that window, and Fitness' window, I saw her bathroom door was closed, which means, she was taking a shower. I waited to see, and saw Fitness' bedroom like come on. I went around to the side with her bedroom windows, and saw her standing in her room, naked. She went into the living room, but two people were coming towards me, so I couldn't watch. When they went, she had pants on, and was putting a shirt on.

I waited around for the other girl to go to bed...she went into the bathroom (the door is right across from her bedroom door) a while later she came out, wrapped in a towel...sadly she took the towel off facing away from the window, so I didn't get to see anything. After that I called it a night.

Until next time.

Friday, October 21, 2005

3 in one night?

The reason for the lack of posts lately is not because I haven't been trying, its because seems people don't want me to see them naked. Tonight was worth the week of cold nights. I went out about 11:45, I saw Midnite's light on, and blinds up, so I figured she was going to bed soon. I tookk a quick look at Fitness, she was doing homework in the living room. I waited for Midnite to go to bed...still nothing. I looked back at Fitness, she was gone, I'm guessing she was taking a shower. I watched for Midnite, avoiding traffic. I saw Fitness' bedroom light go on. There is a window on the side of the house that allows me to get a slight peek into her bedroom, the only problem, its about 15 feet away from the sidewalk, I have to get right up to it to see into it. And there I saw her, standing in her room, topless, wearing underwear. The blinds on the window prevented me from getting a clear view, but I was still able to see her. I watched her for a while, quickly walking away when a car came by. I went around to the other side of the house, the window into her bedroom, and the blinds were open, but there was a curtain in front of them. I still was able to see a little bit more, but then went back to the other side, so I wasn't between 2 houses. She finally put a shirt on.

Midnite was still sitting at her computer.

For the past few nights, I have been looking at this new girl, she lives in the college apartment building, and the window to her room is visible from the street. The first night, I saw her, she was wearing a sweatshirt, which i saw her take off, revealing a tee shirt, with she took off, revealing a black bra. This window is by a tree and a garage, so if she goes out of sight from the direct view, I can't see her, and she did that, to take off her bra. The next night, she took her sweatshirt off, then took her bra off, under her tee shirt, and that's it. Its on the second story, so I can't see down. Tonight, She took off her sweatshirt, took of her tee shirt, took off her tank top, then took off her bra, in front of the window. Most of the time she was facing away from the window, but I was able to catch glimpses of her chest.

Its 1AM and Midnite is still sitting there. I watched Fitness for a little bit, then decided to wait for Midnite, waiting to see the 3rd girl topless. She goes into the bathroom, glad she took a while, because traffic got busy, and some people walked by. When she came into her room, she pulled her blinds down, I was hoping she'd leave one partialy open, so I could see, but no.

I was only able to see 2 girls topless, which is still very good, worth standing out in the cold for.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I haven't been able to watch Fitness, and Midnite lately, but I did get to watch them last night. Midnite was in her room doing homework, blinds all the way open. She went to get ready for bed in the bathroom (I can't see into the bathroom) then she came back into her room, and closed the blinds....all the I couldn't see her change.

Meanwhile, Fitness rearranged her apt so that the tv and couch are in the part that was her work area (painting). It is closer to the window, so I have a better view. As I looked into her window last night, she was sitting on the floor, topless. I got as much of a look as I could (traffic prevented me), but when I walked away, to avoid suspicion, I came back, and she was wearing a shirt.

I was thinking as I was out there last night, no matter how good of a voyeur you are, what you see is dependant on your subjects. Fitness and Midnite are two great subjects for the opposite reason:

Fitness, I do believe Fitness is an Exhibitionist, she feels comfortable with her body, explains why she sits around naked, has sex in the living room, and has sex outside. With this, it is very easy to see her naked, a small break in the blinds lets you see a lot, as if she wants people to watch her.

Midnite, she is innocent, the last thing on her mind is someone watching her. She routinley closes her blinds at night, but most times not all the way. She will unknowingly let her guard down, because she doesn't expect anything to happen.

So Fitness' freedom, and Midnite's innocence allow me to take advantage, and see them in intimate situations.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

School is Back in Session

Well now that everyone is back at school, Bitch II and Midnite are back. Fitness is still around, and other subjects have arrived. Tonight, I was feeling nostalgic, so I focused on Midnite, I went out about 11:30, and finally Midnite got ready for bed around 2:00, it was worth it though, Normally, she would take off her shirt, and bra and put another on right away, well i guess she couldn't find what she was looking for, so she spent a lot of time topless. Fitness had a friend (female) over, then they went out, she came back, and went out again. So, it was a pretty good night, I was thinking with all these extra people around it would be harder to watch, but it was ok. And there's always tomorrow.

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

5 seconds too late

I went out kind of late tonight, I figured it would be a slow night. As I was approaching Fitness' window, I see her sitting up from the couch, topless, then she stood up, completely naked. Then, a naked guy followed her. They go into the shower, I am guessing that they were having sex on the couch....and only if I have gotten there earlier, I could have seen more.

Until next time.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just a regular Wednesday night.....laying round in your underwear

Midnite, and Bich II havent been around for a while....which only leaves Fitness. However, other college kids are moving in next to the White House, so it is harder to get a full 360 view of the house.

I went out about 930, and Fitness' living room, kitchen, and bathroom lights were on. I figured she was taking a shower, or getting ready for bed, something like that. There was a kid who kept riding his bike up and down the side of the block I was on. So after he was done, I looked in, I saw Fitness sitting on the couch wearing red sweatpants, and no shirt or bra. I watched as she sat for a while, then she got up, went back into the bathroom, since I cant see into the bathroom, I have no idea what she was doing, but this time she came out only wearing a pair of panties. she sat on a chair that I could clearly see, I wish I had my vieo camera, but I don't think its a good idea to carry it with me. So she was sitting for a while, then she got up (I now think she was doing laundry), she went into her room, but I couldn't see, she then came out with a shirt on, and i think different underwear. I was hoping that while she was laying in only her underwear she'd pleasure herself, but sadly, no.

Then I figured I'd seen all I could, i went back to my house.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Well, its a night of firsts.
Tonight, Midnite had a guy over, this is that first ive seen her bring a guy home. He didn't play his cards right, so i dont think he got any action.

on the other hand.....

I was on the corner (the white house is on the corner) a car turned toward me, it then turned left, into the drive way of the white house.

I'm thinking, "Nice fitness is back."

I noticed she was with someone, a guy. they got out of the car, they walked to in front of her bedroom window. I thought, "Shit, some how she knew i was watching her, and she's telling this guy. I sit perfectly still. Then I hear moaing. "I didn't remember hearing them go inside," ok maybe I was hearing things from inside, so there, I thought they knew I was watching, and they were trapping me to see if I'd look, but the sounds got more serious, the lights were off inside, so I looked for shadows, boudings off, nothing, no movement, I look down.

There they were, having sex outside, on the ground.

I watched through the slits in the fence, I couldn't believe it.

She got a phone call, and they left, I've been waiting for there return, last night she came home around 420, and its about that time again....

Until tomorrow night...